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The Long Way Home (Blasco) Art
The Long Way Home - The Medallion (Original) (Signed)

The Long Way Home - The Medallion (Original) (Signed) by The Long Way Home (Blasco) Art at The Illustration Art Gallery

Ref: BlascoTLWH4-1x2 (Click for LARGE picture)

Artist: Jesus Blasco (biography)
Medium: Ink on Acid-free Paper
Size: 14" x 18" (344mm x 455mm)
Date: 1970
Signature: Signed by artist 3rd panel

This is the Signed unique original Ink drawing by Jesus Blasco.

Beric and Mona have been captured and are being marched across jagged rocky terrain. Mona and Beric realise that they have dropped a necklace; a keepsake given them by their parents. A callous Pict finds it and tosses it into the sea.

The story is about two British children, Mona and Beric, in the year 396AD during the reign of Arcadius. The children are taken as slaves by Romans in the Scottish province of Valentia and are travelling through ancient Britain in search of their parents and their home.

Brilliantly illustrated by the great Jesus Blasco for the long-running strip The Long Way Home. This page was published in issue 387 of Treasure on 13th June 1970.

This page is an excellent example of Blasco's incredible inking.

The original artworks are inked onto paper which has been pasted to a stiffer page. Unfortunately these stiffer pages had been cut lengthways in half, most probably to facilitate postage or storage of the artwork. We are pleased to say that over 50 years later, we have managed to pair most of the artworks together and they have been re-secured using conservation grade materials, in order to present these pages as they were originally intended.

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The Long Way Home (Blasco) Art

The Long Way Home (Blasco) Art