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The Golden Age: Masterworks from the Golden Age of Illustration
The Golden Age: Masterworks from the Golden Age of Illustration Volume 3 (Limited Edition)

The Golden Age: Masterworks from the Golden Age of Illustration Volume 3 (Limited Edition) at The Book Palace

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two pages from book (click for bigger picture)
two pages from book (click for larger pic)

Stunning art book featuring 204 Artists with 217 full page plates. Limited Edition of only 900 copies.

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This spectacular new edition continues in the tradition of the previous two Golden Age books. Presented in the same format as before, printed on the same paper stocks, produced with the same lavish production values and attention to detail you've come to expect from The Illustrated Press, this new book features even more incredible artworks from the Golden Age of illustration. This time out we feature 204 artists with 217 full page reproductions of original paintings, all photographed directly from the original art.

If you were pleased with Volume One, you will be equally excited about the Volumes Two and Three. While each book can stand alone, considered together they collectively represent an exhaustive survey of some of the greatest masterpieces of American illustration art.

This is a limited edition of just 900 copies worldwide. The 100 edition with slipcase and signed tip in plate is already sold out from the publisher.

Artists featured in volume 3 include: Avati, Ballantine, Beckhoff, Benda, Bergey, Biggs, Bowler, Brehm, Briggs, Brown, Brown, Brunner, Buell, Bull, Bundy, Burns, Cady, Campbell, Carter, Chiriacka, Christy, Clymer, Cooper, Cornwell, Coughlin, Craft, Crandell, Crawford, Crockwell, D'andrea, Damron, Darley, Davis, De Mers, Dohanos, Dorne, Downes, Driben, Dryden, Duer, Dulac, Dumas, Dunn, Dunton, Durenceau, Ekman, Elliot, Enright, Epperly, Erbit, Erickson, Falter, Fawcett, Fischer, Fisher, Flagg, Folkard, Forsberg, Foxley, Frahm, Gannam, Gaul, Gaze, Georgi, Giguère, Gilbert, Gillen, Gillespie, Godwin, , Graef, Granville-Smith, Gross, Hampson, Hastings, Heitland, Hilbert, Hintermeister, Hoff, Holmgren, Hood, Hughes, Humphrey, Hunt, Hurst, Irwin, Jackson, Johnson, Kalin, Keay, Keller, Kernan, Klett, Lagatta, Lathrop, Leach, Leake, Lebrun, Leyendecker, Lindsay, Link, Louderback, Lovell, Lowell, Mccarthy, Mccay, Mcginness, Mcmein, Meese, Moran, Nappi, Neill, Newell, Olson, Parker, Parrish, Peterson, Phillips, Pogany, Potthast, Price, Pyle, Rabreau, Rabut, Reinhart, Relyea, Reusswig, Riggs, Robinson, Rockwell, Rozen, Rozen, Saalburg, Safran, Sambrook, Sandham, Saunders, Savage, Sawyer, Sawyers, Schaare, Schaeffer, Schmidt, Schomburg, Schoonover, Schulz, Scott, Sewell, Shaw, Shepherd, Shermund, Shinn, Sickles, Sidrone, Smith, Soulen, St. John, Stahr, Stanley, Stephens, Sterner, Stevens, Stoops, Stuart, Studdy, Tepper, Terpning, Thomson, Thrasher, Thulstrup, Tilburne, Timlin, Tinsley, Tossey, Traver, Travis, Utz, Valigursky, Van Buren, Vargas, Varian, Vassos, Verbeck, Ward, Webb, Wenzel, Woener, Whitcomb, Whitmore, Wilbur, Wilkinson, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Wistehuff, Wittmack, Wolsky, Wood, Woolf, Wyeth, Zuckerberg. (phew!)

Authors: Daniel Zimmer, Editor
Artists: Cornwell, Crandell, Davis, Dulac, Flagg, Folkard, Hampson, Jackson, Keay, Leyendecker, Pogany, Pyle, Rockwell, Smith, Terpning, Williams, Wyeth, et al
Publisher: The Illustrated Press, 2015 First Edition
Number of pages: 224
Format: Hard Cover with Dust Wrapper; Full Colour illustrations
Size: 9" x 12" (240mm x 310mm)
ISBN: 9780982004173

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